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Q&A: NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck on the effort to kill immigration reform

In this short Q&A, non-racialist common sense immigration activist and advocate Roy Beck touches on a few of the shocking facts behind this latest drive for immigration “reform.”

He rightly calls the passage of the Senate bill as “an incredible display of the power of corporate money on both the Democratic and Republican party, aimed at driving a massive increase in foreign workers during one of the worst unemployment periods in our history.”

When asked why so many Republicans support the bill, he answers:  “Because the Republican corporate establishment is always enamored with loose labor markets. That’s when you have a whole lot more workers than you have jobs. Therefore, every time an employer puts up a ‘help wanted’ sign, they have a lot more people applying for work than they have jobs. It’s better for employers, and it keeps wages down.”

Finally, when asked how outnumbered he and his fellow activists are in the struggle against so-called immigration “reform,” Mr. Beck says:  “A month ago, the Sunlight Foundation calculated that $1.5 billion has been spent lobbying to pass immigration reform. I doubt you can find $20 million that has been spent lobbying to stop it. In fact, 1,700 lobbyists are registered to lobby for immigration reform. I doubt you can find 10 people registered to lobby against it.”

One billion, five-hundred million dollars vs $20 million… meaning pro-immigration forces have spent 75 times more than those fighting against it.

Beck’s advocacy group, NumbersUSA, which boasts over 1.5 million members, receives 95% of its lobbying budget from donations of $100 or less.

It should be noted, further, that Roy Beck himself comes from a Leftist-environmentalist background and rejects all forms of racialist ideology.  His advocacy is based entirely on the impact the immigration invasion has and will continue to have on American labor and our natural environment.

What we have here is essentially a massive PR campaign by the Jewish media and their Capitalist allies to convince the American people that the tide of history has turned in favor of the pro-immigration forces, that anyone who opposes it is a retrograde bigot, that a shrinking minority still oppose it either out of ignorance or willful hate, and all reasonable, moderate and non-racist people in the country want this immigration bill to pass.

And buried beneath the clamor and persuasive power of this “Big Lie” stands the truth:  that the majority of average Americans have never supported this policy; that the federal government is guilty of willful dereliction of duty over a period of decades by tacitly foisting a policy on the American people which they never wanted, never voted on, and which was totally illegal under current US law; that the driving motives behind this legislation are corporate profits and Jewish-liberal political, cultural and economic marginalization and weakening of the white working class; that nothing will stop the ruling class from stalling and eventually ignoring all the “border enforcement” legislation the bill proposes, just as they have deliberately ignored the existing immigration laws up to this point; that, unlike the many cases we have seen of congressional Republicans blocking President Obama for narrow political advantage, this is a case of the Capitalist GOP leadership in total agreement with the anti-white liberal-multicultural Jewish Democratic establishment, and is only being blocked by those brave members of the House of Representatives who are still, thank God, answerable to the people of their districts, and where the last glimmer of democracy can be seen through the black smog of Jewish-Capitalist lies and obfuscation.