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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

From the Huffington Post:

PHOENIX, May 24 (Reuters) – Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio violated the constitutional rights of Latino drivers in his crackdown on illegal immigration, a federal judge found on Friday, and ordered him to stop using race as a factor in law enforcement decisions.

The ruling against the Maricopa County sheriff came in response to a class-action lawsuit brought by Hispanic drivers that tested whether police can target illegal immigrants without racially profiling U.S. citizens and legal residents of Hispanic origin.

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What is even more interesting are some of the comments to this story on this very Leftist site, which express some of the range of opinions bubbling beneath the surface.

One “community pundit” believes the problem lies in historical US policy towards Latin America:

America as a nation has violated the sovereignty of Latin America over and over for more than a century. We didn’t like who they voted for, we paid for mercenaries to eliminate them, We didn’t like that they wanted a fair share of profit from our exploitation of their resources, another coup and our guys were swept into power, we showered them with weapons, set them up like emperors, bribed them all paid for by taxpayers, so people like the Dole family could build banana republic’s with their banana corporations. We have sponsored civil wars and supplied weapons to both sides, we have been willing participants in many hundreds of thousands of people, rounded up and never seen again. We paid for assassins, we paid for warlords to set up drug cartels all in the name of freedom but all to keep our southern neighbors poor, in turmoil, uneducated and all out of the fear of socialism and the people rising up to match us economically. Brazil is a socialist country, we allowed it eventually to chart its course after our man fled to Japan to escape extradition back to Brazil, after looting the nation and costing thousands of lives. Our man was the last president we forced onto Brazil and that was during the Reagan and Bush senior years. Left alone Brazil has become an economic powerhouse, upward mobility is far higher in Brazil than the US, Mexico has an improving economy but those decades of turmoil we created in our quest to exploit it has left it riddled with corruption, gang violence and criminality all to feed the Americans needs for illegal drugs. Want to stop illegal’s coming? Legalize drugs in the US, stop the supply of money to cartels, stop the illegal selling of US guns to Mexican gangs in exchange for cash and drugs. Leave them find inner peace and their own economy and feelings of safety and security will keep them from crossing the border to work as cheap labor picking our vegetables, doing jobs we won’t, looking after our elderly, cleaning our houses and raising our children.

Of course, another poster responds with one very common-sense caveat:

We didn’t do that.
The people of this nation as a whole didn’t have anything to do with that. It was a VERY, VERY small percentage of rich and influential people. The same people everyone hates, world wide.

Just because the people who pulled some dirty crap in south america happen to be from my country, doesn’t mean that I want to live in a nation where illegal immigrants are all over the place.

The liberal-Jewish media is filled with scary-looking pictures of the villainous sheriff and an implied narrative of the abusive bully cop finally exposed for his racist and brutal tactics.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio obviously leaves himself open to this with his flamboyant style and attention-seeking antics, but this convenient media narrative can’t keep a lid on some of the other hard realities of this issue.  Even on such a strongly liberal-Leftist site as the Huffington post, many posters bring these issues to the fore:

IF the Justice Dept. did their jobs maybe AZ wouldn’t have to deal with this:

-There were an estimated 278,460 i/llegal aliens working in Arizona in 2011, approximately 9.3 percent of the total workforce.
– Unemployment in Arizona in January 2012 was 8.7 percent with 262,587 Arizonans officially unemployed.
– Over 10% of children enrolled in public schools (K-12) have parents who are in the U.S. i/llegally.
– I/llegal a/liens and their children were found to be 37 percent of the uninsured population in Arizona in 2008, and the cost of uncompensated care for illegal aliens in Arizona is $320 million annually.
-The total education, medical, and incarceration costs in Arizona due to il/legal immigration are $2.6 billion a year.

This poster points out that some form of “racial profiling” may be inevitable in Arizona:

When you have a community like Arizona which is saturated with illegals the stats would say that the proportion of Illegal Latinos who you pull over will be in a greater ratio than non Latinos who are citizens. Duh!!!

And who cares if people are pulled over and have to provide drivers license ..big deal..

We must start screaming to our elected officials that we will not accept this illegal situation. Our safety and our way of life is at stake.

And another talks about the situation on the ground:

Im a caucasian American who was born and raised here, and I see all the mexicans on welfare, doing drugs, piling 10 deep in a trailer home while working for less than minimum wage, and in general making a mess out of life for any citizen of the U.S. We need to realize that this man is doing his job and leave him be.

Another points out the ongoing, age-hold hypocrisy of rich white liberals leading the charge against “racism” in such a way that forces working class whites to deal with nonwhite community problems and crime, and penalizes and chastises those dealing with the problems in their everyday lives who choose to take a stand against it, all the while the white liberal capitalist class insulates themselves in what are in effect racially segregated neighborhoods, schools and gated communities:

I would be willing to bet this activist judge lives in a ethnically homogeneous elitist community, insulated from the Hispanic criminal problem the Arizona commoners have to deal with…

The typical Leftist response is posted by this “Huffpost Community Moderator”:

Sheriff Joe deserves a case of ‘roids the size of grapefruit.
Then paint them like a pinata, suspend him from the ceiling, and arm all those he’s abused with a large stick

Once again the white liberal and minority element projects its own racial hatred onto whites reasonably concerned about their communities.  The white people in the southwest standing against the massive invasion of illegal Mexican immigrants are not motivated by racial hatred against Hispanics, but the smallest peek into the liberal mindset reveals a savagely anti-white orientation.  One poster points out the reality on the ground of the physical menace of immigrant crime:

For all you Arpaio bashers, i’d like to drop you off in Coachella, California at 2 am and see if you make it out alive. My money would be on you NOT making it.

The only response a liberal can offer to this argument is:

California…oh, yeah…that’s one of them states that America stole from Mexico in 1848. Question is, what are you doing there among the Mexicans in their own land, hombre?

In other words, NO ATROCITY AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE IS WRONG since the white race as a whole is guilty by association of the crimes committed by some of their ancestors centuries ago.  It is critically important to understand the logic here.  This logic animates the entire liberal argument against the effort to stop illegal immigration.  In its essence, it implies that any white person living in North America is guilty by association of racial hatred and genocide, and virtually no part of the American continent can be claimed to belong to any white person ever, since all of it was “stolen” in an act of racist genocide.

Yet another poster reminds us why this sheriff has been repeatedly re-elected:

If not for Joe Phoenix would be like Oklahoma city where it is MS13 who rule the streets or Detroit where gangs are the only government. You on the left cry all you want, we have low crime and companies moving here not away from here, We have a surplus not a deficit. We have new roads not bridges falling down. Joe has been reelected 6 times for a reason ,we do not want to lose our state as so many liberal runs ones have been lost.39 counties and cities in California are near or in BK, The cost of entitlements in some of these cities has neared some states total budgets.

There is no doubt illegal immigration in the US is a very complex and volatile issue.  As Nationalists we stand for racial identity and the unity of our white American people, and unequivocally assert our right to live as free men and women in this land which our ancestors settled and shaped into a great nation.  We also honor and respect the rights of other peoples to form nations and governments based on their national and racial self interests.  We stand for the right of self determination for all peoples.  But above all anyone who is diametrically opposed to our own race, we oppose.  Respecting the rights of others does not extend to tolerating our own extermination, or denying our own fundamental rights, such as the right to stand against violence, crime, drug smuggling, human trafficking and other abuses harming our people.  There can be no tolerance for any white liberal, minority or Jew who is motivated by hatred of whites and whose final goal is the complete disappearance of all white people on American soil!

As Socialists we stand in solidarity and great sympathy with all working poor and exploited peoples suffering under the weight of global capitalism.  The real tragedy of the targeting and deportation of illegal immigrants is the fact that so many of them are coming here to work, in difficult and menial jobs which only contribute to support our nation.  The poor, uneducated masses of illegal immigrants who come here to work are not like the parasitic bankers, capitalists, lawyers and lobbyists who stand at the top of this system and sustain their opulent existence through siphoning off the labor of hard working, decent Americans.  No, many of these immigrants are working long hours doing very difficult labor under miserable conditions for inadequate pay, and they are motivated not by greed or lust for power and wealth, but by the very basic and humble need to provide for their families.  As Socialists, we understand this and sympathize, and our hatred is directed not at the poor immigrant but at the parasitic financial and political elites who have brought him here to be exploited.

As National Socialists we demand both our own national sovereignty and social justice for working people everywhere.  We are not blind to the fact that US government meddling in Latin America throughout the decades has and continues to foster terrible instability, conflict and economic turmoil in that region which only serves the capitalists.  We also believe fundamentally in the value and dignity of labor, and that NO JOB is too menial or too dirty to be performed by an American, if it is a job which serves our national community.  The argument that we need cheap immigrant labor here because only dirt-poor, uneducated immigrants are willing to do certain jobs speaks to the extreme decadence and weakness of our youth, and also the massively unfair scale of wages which would only hire workers below a living wage, while the capitalist 1% enjoy overflowing profits.

Also, as unpleasant and inhumane as the realities of mass arrests and deportations may seem, we must confront the fact that sooner or later such actions will be necessary.  Obama’s new legislation promises to provide a path to citizenship while also tightening border controls and increasing border security.  In other words, we should accept this latest batch of millions upon millions of illegal immigrants, since they’ve been living here and working here so long and it would be too painful and too devastating to the economy and logistically impractical to remove them all — but after this, that’s it, we’re really going to clamp down.

Yet another two-faced promise by the Obama administration, and one which will obviously fail for the same reason the existing policies have failed:  there is no will to enforce the current laws.  The push to legalize millions of immigrants comes from many sources, but among them are the Big Business need and demand for an endless supply of cheap labor, Jewish media desire to weaken the homogeneous nature of the American people and increase “diversity” so that Jewish monopolization of the levers of power will be made that much easier by the lack of a unified nationalist opposition, organized Latino interests determined to see a larger and larger demographic until they can dictate policy, white liberal Democrats who see the Hispanic vote as their means to securing power over the Republicans, and others.

Now, the crucial question:  will any of these interests disappear the moment the new Obama law is passed?

No, on the contrary, all of these interests will increase.  Even as the old waves of immigrants become assimilated and raise their standard of living, Big Business will need a further supply of new immigrants to depress wages and cheapen the cost of labor.  And having won such a victory, the newly-empowered activist Hispanic element and their white liberal allies will do all in their power, as they always have, to stifle and block the enforcement of laws designed to keep out further immigration.

Will this law do anything to lessen the tragedy of further immigrant families coming across the border?  Will it make it any less difficult to separate families and force people from their jobs because they are here illegally?  Will it do anything to make it easier to enforce laws against illegal immigration without charges of “racial profiling”?

It will solve none of these things and will only set up a whole new decades-long round of Mexicans and others illegally pouring into the country, while the Federal government sits on its hands and does nothing, until the point where there are so many more here that humanitarian and economic concerns will once again make it “impossible” to enforce the law and whole new waves of immigrants will once again be legalized.  Of course, by that time this may not even be necessary, since their ultimate goal of national white-minority status will be a reality due to demographic shifts, and at that point there will be no issue of illegal immigration or of racial profiling of Hispanics since the only questions will be how best to expropriate and punish the white minority who are collectively guilty of all those acts of racial exploitation and genocide all those centuries ago.

The only National Socialist solution to this complex problem is a multi-pronged assault on all its causes simultaneously.  We must stop all CIA and other influence attempting to disrupt and harm Latin American unity and economic sovereignty, so that these nations are free to build themselves up without foreign interference and can become worthy homelands to their own peoples.  We must force American businesses to pay a living wage and to treat their workers with respect.  We must ruthlessly annihilate any individual or business who seeks to profit from exploitation of immigrant labor — up to and including the death penalty for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.  We must stand up for the interests of our own people honestly and forthrightly and negotiate and dialog with Hispanic leaders in such a way that recognizes historic rights and grievances without denying our own fundamental rights.  We must uproot and expel the Jewish masters of the media and all others who seek to stir up divisions between the races and the working people of this land so that they might dominate the shifting multicultural swamp which remains.  We must restore the dignity of manual labor and, in the manner of the Third Reich’s National Labor Service, institute a program where by all young people of working age will take their turn in doing the “jobs nobody wants,” raising the value of work and uniting the youth of every class in service to our nation, so that there will be no further need for exploited immigrant masses.  Simultaneously we must put all Americans back to work, even in the jobs previously performed by immigrants.  And then, finally, we must enforce a humane but rigorous policy of border security and deportation of illegal immigrants — although this will hardly be necessary once the demand for immigrant labor has all but disappeared.

Only a total National Socialist solution can truly solve this problem.  All other conservative-reactionary solutions will only keep the injustices alive, or take half-measures, or leave themselves open to even bigger problems down the line.  Only a National Socialist spirit and attitude can at the same time satisfy the demands of historic rights, economic needs, life requirements and social justice all at once.