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Would a US ‘drone court’ to authorize drone strikes be a good idea?

“Critics of the drone program, however, are generally not reassured by the notion of oversight from a special drone court. They note that the FISA courts, on which the drone courts would be modeled, operate largely in secret, doing little to improve accountability to the public.”

Any student of the political maneuverings of Barack Obama should find his speech this week full of signature touches.

He always sounds so reasonable, so understanding.  The very opposite of the “With Us or Against Us” mantra of the Bush administration, not a reckless cowboy but a thoughtful, precise and diplomatic mind attuned to all the sensitivities of a situation and always willing to compromise to please all parties.

Except, it’s all bullshit.

We’ve seen it dozens of times over the years:  he wanted to bring back our farming and manufacturing base, while also encouraging free trade — instead, he just encouraged more globalization.  He wanted to honor our Constitutional freedoms and scale back our foreign wars, while also keeping us safe from terrorists.  Instead, he did nothing to close GITMO, increased spying and wiretapping, and kept us in Bush’s wars while attacking new countries.  He wanted to bring a balanced approach to the Palestinian issue, and show understanding for Muslims, while at the same time defending Israel’s right to exist.  Instead, he stacked his cabinet with fanatic Zionists and gave into Israel’s every whim.

This is a very familiar pattern, it was repeated again this week:  now we have Obama saying he wants a court to review drone strikes, and he is talking about how we have to start winding down these wars, and so on.  At the same time this murderer has the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands.

Meanwhile the mainstream Left defends and justifies the same crimes they once condemned when committed by Bush.  Talk to any liberal who is not on the hard anti-war fringe and you will find them still making excuses for this war criminal.  And all the so-called “Right” can do — that is, the corporate Zionist FOX news Limbaugh capitalist pig Right — is complain that Obama is too much of a pacifist, that he is soft on America’s enemies and does not support Israel enough!

The Lefties think we oppose Barack Obama because he is black.  In psychology they call that “projection.”   It isn’t true that we oppose Barack Obama because he is black — but it is true that they only support him because he is black.  To the modern, self-hating white liberal, all you need to do is put a nice, smiling mulatto face on the crimes of the Texan oil man and suddenly it all becomes o.k!

Once again this exposes the need for a stronger National Socialist street presence.  If the anti-war, socialist Left is too smitten with the nonwhite skin color of their President to get out there and raise hell, then the socialist Right must step in.