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Challenging Monsanto: Over two million march the streets of 436 cities, 52 countries

Millions of activists around the world have rallied against Monsanto, the biotechnology giant for genetically engineering agriculture and food while suppressing negative scientific research.

Organized by the ‘March Against Monsanto’ movement, an estimated two million have taken part in the massive event on Saturday spanning six continents, 52 nations, and at least 48 US states.

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An article on how and why Monsanto is so powerful:

Monsanto and other GM firms are winning in the US – and globally

The US State Department has sadly joined the push to distribute GM crops around the world, whether people want them or not

If you have a feeling that genetically modified (GM) foods are being forced upon the population by a handful of business interests and vociferously defended by the scientists that work in the agriculture industry or at the research institutions it funds, you might be onto something.

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Finally, an EXCELLENT resource for information on the health dangers of genetically modified foods and crops, and the impact of pesticides such as Roudup on the land:

 The Institute for Responsible Technology