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Obama to Navy: Sexual assaults undermine military

“Earlier this month, the Pentagon released a report saying that as many as 26,000 service members may have been sexually assaulted in 2012 — up from about 19,000 the year before.”

If there weren’t already enough reasons not to send your sons into ZOG’s army, here’s one for your daughters:  the very high likelihood that they will face some type of sexual assault.

Of course, not only is this the direct result of the liberalization of the military and the individualistic attitude being wrongly applied to military service, not only is it a black stain on our honor as a nation, but it the further result of having a “volunteer” armed services which is essentially a mercenary force attracting many of the poorest and most violent members of our society.

Think back to all those war movies from WW1, WW2 and Vietnam — you know, the kind where all sorts of different boys are thrown in together and must learn to work out their differences for the sake of the unit or the team.  Even though those wars were evil and not in our interests, they still are able to evoke an image of camaraderie and national solidarity.

That’s because the men in those wars were drafted, meaning that the military (for all its faults) was still a good slice of the views, capacities and intelligences of the normal American people.  For many years now, since they ended the draft, ZOG’s wars of global expansion and conquest have been fought by the poorest white, black and brown members of society who have few options but to enlist for some small measure of financial stability and security.  Their ranks have also been filled by criminals who were forced to choose between enlistment or prison time, in the manner of the old French Foreign Legion.  Finally, the armed forces have been filled with the most macho and brutal element of the population, guys with something to prove, not for their people or their nation but for their own juvenile egos.

Add to this already unfortunate and disreputable mix of low intelligence, high testosterone and antisocial aggressiveness the presence of young women foolishly led to believe they were fulfilling some ideal of “equality,” and you have the perfect recipe for the nightmare of rape and sexual abuse the modern US military has become.

Because we National Socialists also do not view military service as a right but as a duty, because we believe not in a private force of dregs and mercenaries but in a people’s army of all fighting-age men, because we do not believe in sending the flower of our youth off to die on far-off battlefields to increase some oil company’s bottom line, because we believe any nation which sends women off to fight in wars is unworthy of the name, this is yet another problem we would solve in one swift stroke.  Once again liberal individualism’s own internal rot will ultimately bring it down.

The Fuehrer himself best articulated the response to the idea of sending women off to war: